Sunday, 29 January


World Economic Forum’ Global Risks Report 2023: Tensions Peak between Urgent Cost of Living Crisis and Sustainable Climate Action

Pakistan faces digital vulnerability and cybersecurity, rapid inflation, debt...

Emerging Trouble at Gwadar

"Haq Do Tehrik", led by Maulana Hidayat Ur Rehman...

Cryptocurrency markets prove an unsafe bet

NEW YORK: The cryptocurrency markets continue to be subject...

An Appeal to CJP

Your Honour, Aslamalaikam, Respects,The triangular tug of war is...

تازہ ترین

سونا پہلی بار دولاکھ فی تولہ کی حد عبور کر گیا

دو دن میں ڈالر کے مقابلے میں روپے کی...

انٹربینک میں ڈالر کی دوسرے روز بھی فاتحانہ پیشقدمی، روپے کا بھرکس نکل گیا

انٹربینک میں ڈالر کے مقابلے میں روپے کی قدر...

پاکستانی معیشت تباہی کے دہانے پر پہنچ چکی ہے، فنانشل ٹائمز کی رپورٹ

معروف برطانوی جریدے فنانشل ٹائمز میں شائع رپورٹ میں...

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International & Region





Joyland: Problem Lies in Name

The criticism against Joyland has got nothing to do with religion or society’s social values. It has got to do with “joy” in the movie’s name and “love” in its synopsis

All About Entertainment

TVOne brings you some of the most enthralling dramas this season

The Entertainment Menu

TV One is again offering a great mix of...

Those were the Days…

A look at the glory days of Pakistani radio and live theatre


Pakistan’s political drama may be intense, sensational and colourful,...

Exploring New Vistas

Some interesting and new trends emerged on Pakistani entertainment...

National Security

Armed Forces’ Reforms Agenda

In the times of grave economic crisis, keeping the armed forces battle-ready against a much bigger enemy requires sweeping reforms and creative thinking

DAESH & Afghanistan’s New ‘Great Game’

Rowing activities of DAESH in Afghanistan is also a bad news for Pakistan

Difficult Choices

For Pakistan, a balancing act between the US-led Western bloc and the emerging Russia-China alliance is easier said than done

Small Men in High Office

‘The government solution to a problem is usually as...

Education, Health & Environment

Preparing for the Future

Unfortunately, Pakistani educational institutions are still preparing students, if preparing at all, for the last century's industrial needs

Profile & Interviews

Gone too Soon

From education to politics, Hunaid Lakhani, founder and founding chancellor of Iqra University, established a platform where youth from all walks of life can prosper and accomplished what most won’t even if they live to 100

Book Store

Woes of South Asian Cities

Tumhein fikr hai apne ghar kiMujhe har gali ka gham haiThis heartfelt couplet by people’s poet Habib Jalib encapsulates the soul of this activist-academic...

From The Editor

Saving Pakistan

By all accounts 2022 was a bad year for Pakistan against the backdrop of unprecedented political instability and a steep economic downturn.