Lawfare and Bilateral Investment treaties

India has unilaterally terminated 60 treaties and developed a model bilateral investment treaty document 2016, for the future. An EU Ambassador said at that time that the model was a non-starter but India has since signed 6 treaties on the basis of this model draft and is negotiating another 13

Teargassing democracy

Stones pelted, baton-charged, rubber bullets fired, civilians tear-gassed, people running for water and the only thing you could see for miles was just smoke,...

The 6-Day-Ultimatum

What Pakistan has witnessed in the past 24 hours is nothing short of revolutionary.People from every segment of the society have taken to the...

PTI’s long march déjà vu

The stage is set. Daggers drawn. With Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf all ready to reach Islamabad for its second grand sit-in in its brief history as...

The Khaki Conundrum

The recent political upheaval makes the country’s most revered institution, the Pakistan Army, controversial