The Failed Takover Bid

TRG Pakistan’s former CEO & the influential JS Group’s joint bid to control the company thwarted as the matter is brought before the SHC

A New Economic Agenda

Without ensuring political stability, the task of introducing sweeping reforms and reviving the economy on a sustainable basis would remain a pipedream

Small Men in High Office

‘The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem’ -- Milton FriedmanWe are an accommodative nation; conspiracies, rumours and labels. We...

An Appeal to CJP

Your Honour, Aslamalaikam, Respects,The triangular tug of war is ruining our beloved Country. All the political and non-political parties involved in this standoff have...

Will They Go Peacefully?

With the country still struggling with aftershocks of a devastating flood, an economic break-down and threats upon its borders, not having a functional government in place, asserting itself, would be suicidal for Pakistan