Balance Sheet

Budget 2023: Bridging the huge tax gap

The federal budget for fiscal year 2023 to be presented on June 10, 2023, by the Federal Finance Minister Miftah Ismail after inconclusive negotiations...

Fiscal Disorder

Characterised by obstinately high budget deficit and elevated public indebtedness, Pakistan’s fiscal abyss is the ultimate outcome of a toxic blend of faulty regulatory...

And the Rupee Falls

From 123 against the US dollar in August 2018, the Pakistani rupee has plunged to 184.42 by the end-March 2022. This is one of the highest devaluations of the rupee in Pakistan’s entire history

The Great Economic Squeeze

The Ukraine War is sending prices of oil, coal, gas and basic food up with the speed of a rocket. This means trouble for Pakistan

Learning From Vietnam

Does Pakistan have a formula for development like Vietnam or is it merely fumbling along?