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From Starchitect to Barefoot Architect

Over the course of her illustrious career, Yasmin Lari has made landmark contributions to architecture, heritage preservation and social development in Pakistan

The ‘Maa’ of Lyari

With her path-breaking efforts to provide quality education and more to the children of Lyari and their parents, Sabina Khatri is viewed as a mother figure in this depressed, crime-infested, poverty-ridden slum of Karachi

Wonder Woman

How did a government school student from Hyderabad make it to the top echelons of the entertainment industry?

Champion of the Dispossessed

Throughout his distinguished career in architecture and urban planning, Arif Hasan has searched for low-cost, eco-friendly solutions and championed the rights of the dispossessed.

Publishing Powerhouse

As country head of OUP Pakistan and founder of the Karachi Literature Festival, Ameena Saiyid’s contribution to the literary landscape is unparalleled