About Us

Narratives is an independent, journalist-led publication packed with news, analyses, and information. Launched in October 2020, with a local, national and progressive perspective, it aims to present Pakistan’s case abroad, and to broaden public debate on various subjects at home.

We are headquartered in Karachi, and are in the process of building a team across Pakistan and appointing correspondents in important world capitals.

Narratives’ attempts to raise the bar of national discourse and provide context and perspective in this day-and-age of information overload. By providing a deeper understanding of the world as it is — and as it could be — we introduce bold ideas into the conversation and ignite debates far beyond our pages.

We value facts, transparency and intellectual freedom. We argue that dissent is patriotic and hold the powerful to account, no matter their political persuasion. Above all, we aspire to equip the public with a more profound understanding of events, ideas, and history.

We promise not to waste paper. On our pages, you will find questioning journalism, investigative and objective reports, provocative commentary and analysis, and spirited debate on subjects ranging from politics to economy, culture to media, and a host of other vital social issues. 

Some of Pakistan’s top names in their respective fields, including economists, former diplomats, politicians, experts, celebrities, senior journalists, and analysts will dig deep into issues providing both perspective and an understanding of issues that matter for Pakistan and for Pakistanis.