Fact, Fiction and Fantasy

Local English language readers are introduced, indeed treated to, a new genre of literature by the unlikeliest of authors — a recently retired officer of the Pakistan army

A Tale of Two Countries

As Afghanistan seems to march back to the future, with an increasingly visible Talibanisation reminiscent of their first harshly misogynistic stint in power, two Pakistani women scholars launch a laudable and balanced book on the two neighbours

The Chinese Dream

This book comes at a time when one of the largest political parties of the world, the Communist Party of China (CCP) reaches an...

The Life and Times of Pakistan

Ikram Sehgal’s 12 volume work, “A Personal Chronicle of Pakistan,” encapsulates the history and politics of Pakistan and the world, and is a must-read for students, researchers and, above all, politicians, who may learn a lesson or two from it

I Have Sinned

Blending anthropology with history, Mathew A. Cook’s Annexation and the Unhappy Valley offers a long overdue critical and nuanced analysis of Sindh’s annexation by the British