Ibrahim Sajid Malick

Editor, Narratives. Technologist, social entrepreneur & digital anthropologist.

Islam’s Power of Patience, Forgiveness

Holy Qur'an's ethical heartbeats resonated within the very social milieu of its revelation, intertwining religious, moral, and legal obligations under the vast expanse of God's will.

US 3-year bachelor’s degree

Universities across the United States are now exploring implementing three-year bachelor's degree programs. This educational model promises to be more effective, particularly for lower-income students.

Dear Americans: Modi is your Trump

Unfortunately, Mr. Modi has presided over the most significant assault on democracy, civil society, and minority rights in India in the past four decades. A sharp-edged ideology of Hindu nationalism has aided this assault.

Biden’s Dilemma: Balancing Democracy & Strategic Interests in U.S.-India Ties

President Biden finds himself caught in a geopolitical straitjacket where the democracy-versus-autocracy framework restricts the subtleties of his foreign policy vision

Scholarship Opportunities for Pakistani Students in Top US Varsities

For Pakistani students, opportunities to study at esteemed US universities are within reach. Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Yale, & Princeton stand as pillars of academic excellence, extending financial aid programs to students from Pakistan.


2024: Election Year in Pakistan & More Than 50 Other Countries

KARACHI: 2024, dubbed as the biggest election year in...

Govt. says no plans to downsize FBR workforce

Restructuring of FBR is on the govt.'s agenda to...

Bangladesh’s Sheikh Hasina appears to win 4th straight elections

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazid is all set...

Afghan Repatriation & Transit Trade Standoff

The repatriation of Afghans faces a major hurdle, not...