Scholarship Opportunities for Pakistani Students in Top US Varsities

For Pakistani students, opportunities to study at esteemed US universities are within reach. Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Yale, & Princeton stand as pillars of academic excellence, extending financial aid programs to students from Pakistan.

Intersection of Epistemology & AI: Navigating Risks & Harnessing Potential

When AI's tremendous powers are abused or unregulated, they can pose substantial epistemic hazards to our civilization. The rise of misinformation is a prime example, as AI-powered algorithms can amplify false information at an unprecedented scale.

The Future Demands

There is an urgent need to revise the existing educational models to make them compatible with modern times

Plight of Higher Education

After the establishment of HEC in 2002, Pakistan made remarkable progress in higher education, but now all the public sector universities are hit hard by the financial crunch

Preparing for the Future

Unfortunately, Pakistani educational institutions are still preparing students, if preparing at all, for the last century's industrial needs