Dr. Atta Ur Rahman

The writer is a Vice-chairman of the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Science & Technology.

Plight of Higher Education

After the establishment of HEC in 2002, Pakistan made remarkable progress in higher education, but now all the public sector universities are hit hard by the financial crunch

A Silent Revolution

Pakistan has witnessed a great leap forward in the fields of education, science and technology

The Key to the Future

Higher education, science, technology and innovation are imperative for Pakistan’s socio-economic progress


Unlocking the Mission: Washington’s Wishlist for its Pakistan Envoy

The US mission in Pakistan has been mandated with...

SPAR6C: Powering Pakistan & the World for Climate Action, Green Growth

The program selects four countries -- Colombia, Pakistan, Thailand, and Zambia -- each at different stages of institutional capacity, climate change mitigation strategy development, and NDC progress tracking.

Israel’s Existential Anxiety & Quest for Peace

In the tumultuous landscape of the Middle East, the...

The Corporate Assault on Pakistan’s Small Dairies.

The dairy sector stands as a pivotal sub-sector within...