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Opposition’s Great Dilemma

Has the die been cast in favour of the opposition parties – the PML-N and the PPP – and Imran Khan and his PTI really on their last leg?

Still at the Crease

Faced with grave economic and political challenges, a hostile opposition and somewhat soured relations with the establishment, will a frazzled PM remain in the saddle till the next elections in 2023?

A Crisis of Identity

By negotiating with hardline religious-extremist groups, many involved in terrorism and anti-state activities, Pakistan is treading a minefield

Betting on the Taliban

The US has lost both face and credibility in the international community as well as among the impoverished Afghans, by its hasty departure from Afghanistan, without any negotiated settlement with the Taliban. But can the Taliban deliver?

Freedom Sans Responsibility

Given its tendency to cross the red lines and spread disinformation, is the media being fair in accusing the government of stifling freedom of expression?