Brass Tacks

An Unmitigated Crime

Societies prosper and perish by the wisdom of their choice, not the profit of their complicity. Societies prosper by the courage of their voice, not the cowardice of their silence. Societies prosper by the rationale of their planning, not the abuse of their prejudice. Societies prosper not by mere claims of their goals, but the reality of their success

Smoking, Simmering, Smouldering

A near-miracle at the time of its creation, Pakistan requires another miracle to become the country it was envisioned to be. It was no easy task then, and it is going to be no easy task now. It has been rendered even more difficult with the adoption of policies which run contrary to the shape of the state the Quaid had stipulated

Afghanistan Deserves Peace

US attempts to sabotage the Taliban government threaten to break a fragile peace

Of Crime & Criminals

Crime and criminals are inextricably intertwined. Crime breeds criminals and criminals patronise and nurture crime for it to flourish further. The most dreaded breed operates in the domain of politics