Asif Ali Qureshi

The writer is a Co-Founder and the Chief Executive of Optimus Capital Management. He has over 25 years of experience in Pakistan’s financial sector, initially as a banker, and later as a financial analyst and entrepreneur.

Fiscal Disorder

Characterised by obstinately high budget deficit and elevated public indebtedness, Pakistan’s fiscal abyss is the ultimate outcome of a toxic blend of faulty regulatory...

Tightening Liquidity

Notwithstanding the recently enhanced autonomy of the SBP, the financial system stability is a major common interest for both the central bank and the Ministry of Finance.


Pakistan’s Choices Amid Global Isolation & Economic Fragmentation

Growing trade restrictions may reverse economic integration and undermine...

Varying Regional Penchants

In the first-half of 2023, some interesting developments in...

India’s UNSC Reform Agenda Amidst Regional Intricacies

The unresolved border disputes, past military interventions, and alleged espionage activities raise alarm bells about India's ability to contribute to regional stability. Moreover, its tendency to adopt an assertive stance rather than addressing these issues transparently further clouds its credentials in global security affairs.

Islam’s Power of Patience, Forgiveness

Holy Qur'an's ethical heartbeats resonated within the very social milieu of its revelation, intertwining religious, moral, and legal obligations under the vast expanse of God's will.