Indictment boosts Trump’s Popularity  


Trump’s popularity has surged even further after his indictment by the Manhattan district attorney, solidifying his advantage in the race for the Republican nomination

NEW YORK: After a thorough investigation into his handling of confidential documents following his departure from the White House, former president Donald Trump faces indictment again, this time in the federal court. Many Americans would rejoice at the prospect of Mr. Trump being brought to trial for serious crimes and potentially serving time in prison. However, it is crucial to recognize the political risks that the country currently confronts.

Contrary to the United States, indicting former heads of government is not a novel occurrence in Pakistan. It is important to remember this context as we analyse the implications of Mr. Trump’s indictment. Legal proceedings thrive on maintaining credibility through impartiality. When a public figure associated with one political party is prosecuted by officials affiliated with another, it becomes increasingly challenging to uphold the appearance of fairness. This challenge is exacerbated when the public figure is not only a former official but also a potential future one.

Mr. Trump’s ongoing presidential campaign against President Biden adds an intriguing layer to the situation. President Biden’s attorney general, Merrick Garland, appointed special counsel Jack Smith to investigate Mr. Trump, providing fodder for the former president’s of being a victim of politically motivated persecution. This alignment between his political opponent and the legal proceedings against him only reinforces Mr. Trump’s narrative.

The immediate political ramifications are already apparent. While law-abiding citizens may distance themselves from a candidate facing indictment, the dynamics of populist politics operate differently. Polls conducted before the end of March indicated that Mr. Trump held a steady lead over Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, his closest rival in the Republican primary. However, after news of his indictment by the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, his popularity surged even further, solidifying his advantage in the race for the Republican nomination.

This development has prompted two distinct responses from Democrats. Some perceive Mr. Trump’s potential indictment as a positive development for their party, believing he would be the most vulnerable candidate for President Biden in the general election. However, this assumption needs to be more foolproof, as any major party nominee stands a realistic chance of winning the presidency in the current era of intense partisan polarization. Furthermore, with President Biden’s persistently low approval ratings and his age of 81 on Election Day 2024, a Biden-Trump matchup remains unpredictable.

The alternative response from Democrats dismisses political considerations entirely, emphasizing the importance of justice being served regardless of the political consequences. This argument carries weight, particularly in Mr. Trump’s case, given his legal troubles spanning multiple jurisdictions and a wide range of possible crimes. Upholding the principle that the law applies to everyone equally necessitates seeing the legal process through.

However, we must recognize the gravity of the potential consequences. Mr. Trump is not a conventional politician who accidentally violated corruption statutes. He is a figure who previously ascended to the presidency and seeks to return by capitalizing on popular distrust of the government institutions. His reaction to the indictment, proclaiming it a “dark day for the United States of America,” resonates with his fervent supporters, who view him as a defiant folk hero fighting against the establishment on behalf of the marginalized.

Efforts to restrain and defeat Mr. Trump politically and legally have often backfired, strengthening his support base and positioning him as a champion against perceived establishment oppression. Even the prospect of his conviction as a criminal may not disrupt this dynamic. Instead, it is likely to transform him into a martyr figure in the eyes of millions of Americans, further eroding their respect for the rule of law.

As we navigate the 17 months leading up to the 2024 presidential election, it remains uncertain how politically radical the Republican Party’s base could become. These uncharted waters pose significant challenges and implications for the future of American politics.  

Ibrahim Sajid Malick
Ibrahim Sajid Malick
Editor, Narratives. Technologist, social entrepreneur & digital anthropologist.

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