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Balochistan Minerals: From Dust to Glory  

Balochistan has a variety of sizable and valuable mineral deposits including gold, silver, copper, iron, chromite and lithium in more than 1,600 minesPakistan is...

Militant attacks soar in Balochistan, decrease in KP

Deaths in militant attacks increased by 8 per cent as compared to July 2022


Years of neglect and lack of infrastructure cost Pakistan heavily during the torrential rains during monsoon

Understanding the Baloch Liberation Army

With a history of violence, Balochistan Liberation Army has always been in the news for all the wrong reasons.What started as a Soviet proxy...

The unconventional Baloch leader

Making space among conventional tribal leaders, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch became the first non-tribal, middle-class chief minister of Balochistan in 2013.In stark contrast to...

At least four killed in Sibi blast

At least four people were killed while another 36 were injured in a blast on Tuesday that took place in Balochistan’s Sibi.  The nature...

Kulbushan Jadhav—manifestation of RAW’s proxy war in Pakistan

Today marks six years since the security forces were able to capture RAW agent Kulbushan Jadhav, alias Hussain Mubarek Patel

Powering the Power Sector

Does the government have a holistic plan to reform the power sector inthe short-to-medium term?

Pakistan in 2021

We hope and pray that Pakistan will join the ranks of middle-income countries, with a GDP per capita of around USD 4,000 by 2030.

India’s Web of Terror

India spreads its terrorist network across Pakistan, more specifically Balochistan, to sabotage CPEC



Unlocking the Mission: Washington’s Wishlist for its Pakistan Envoy

The US mission in Pakistan has been mandated with...

SPAR6C: Powering Pakistan & the World for Climate Action, Green Growth

The program selects four countries -- Colombia, Pakistan, Thailand, and Zambia -- each at different stages of institutional capacity, climate change mitigation strategy development, and NDC progress tracking.

Israel’s Existential Anxiety & Quest for Peace

In the tumultuous landscape of the Middle East, the...

The Corporate Assault on Pakistan’s Small Dairies.

The dairy sector stands as a pivotal sub-sector within...

India Deploys Naval Officers for Espionage, Again

India has been exposed multiple times for its espionage activities...

Building a Trustworthy Media Entity in the Age of AI & Declining Confidence

The unprecedented speed and scale at which AI can...

Reconciliation & Replacement Commission

The current political, economic and security situation is alarming....

Promoting Equality of Opportunity: A Framework for Business Transformation

In the midst of these transformative global changes, businesses in Pakistan are finding themselves at a crossroads

Balochistan Minerals: From Dust to Glory  

Balochistan has a variety of sizable and valuable mineral...

Pakistan’s Choices Amid Global Isolation & Economic Fragmentation

Growing trade restrictions may reverse economic integration and undermine...