Militant attacks soar in Balochistan, decrease in KP


A slight decline in militant attacks in the country was observed during August 2022, however, the casualties went up slightly, statistics released by Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) stated.

According to the report, the violence considerably declined in KP mainland and its tribal districts while in Balochistan a significant rise in the militant attacks was observed during the previous month. In the wake of cleanup operations by the security forces, eight alleged militants were also killed across the country.

It further stated that the number of militant attacks decreased during August but alternatively, the deaths increased by 8 per cent as compared to July 2022. 

“In August, the militants carried out 31 attacks in which 37 people were killed including 18 security forces personnel, and 55 people got injured including nine security forces personnel. In July 2022, the militants carried out 33 attacks across the country, in which 34 people were killed and 46 people got injured,” it maintained.

PICSS has recorded a 33 per cent decrease in militant attacks as compared to July 2022 in KP. In August, eight militant attacks were reported in which nine people were killed including seven security forces personnel, while 10 other people sustained injuries. In response to an increase in the militant attacks in previous months, security is beefed up in the province. In a security forces action, reported from KP, three alleged militants were killed and two others were apprehended.

In erstwhile FATA (tribal districts of KPK), PICSS has recorded a 42 per cent decline in militant attacks as compared to July 2022. In August, eight militant attacks were reported in which 17 people were killed including nine security forces personnel, while seven other people sustained injuries. One militant attack was claimed by Hafiz Gul Bahadur militant group while TTP has not claimed responsibility for any militant attack in the region. Three security forces actions were reported from erstwhile FATA in which four alleged militants were killed.

In Balochistan, a 71 per cent increase in militant attacks was reported as compared to July 2022. In August, 12 militant attacks were reported in which nine people were killed including two security forces personnel, while 36 other people were injured in the province. Out of nine militant attacks, four were claimed by BLF and three attacks were claimed by BLA. In the only reported Security forces operation, one alleged militant belonging to Islamic State (IS) was killed.

In Sindh, two militant attacks were reported in which no human loss was reported while two people sustained injuries. Two security forces’ actions were also reported in which three alleged militants were apprehended. In Punjab, PICSS has recorded only one incident in which a journalist was shot dead.

No traces of anti-state violence were reported from Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and the Federal Capital Territory of Islamabad.

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