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License to Corruption

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has never been an issue for the masses, who if given a chance would like to see all the...

Hamza Shehbaz set to take ‘oath’ as CM Punjab

PML-N leader Hamza Shehbaz Sharif is set to take oath as chief minister of Punjab on Thursday a day after he was ‘elected’ for...

Sharifs vs. Sharifs

Will the PML-N fall victim to the infighting between generation next of the Sharif family or will it unite to clinch the next elections?

Disunity in the House of Ittefaq

Will Shehbaz Sharif’s pragmatic conciliatory stance prevail over elder brother Nawaz Sharif’s confrontationist approach?

Courts of London and ‘Sharifs’

It is Sharif’s family practice over the years to distribute Ras Gullas (sweets) without waiting for the dust to settle. In simple words, they start cheering their triumph before comprehending or giving a sober read to the court’s verdict.

Corona And Politics

Oblivious to the challenge posed by the deadly second wave of COVID-19, the PDM continues with its jalsas to oust a beleaguered government that is struggling to cope with the economic fallout of the corona virus

Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying What?

Will Nawaz Sharif’s anti-military rhetoric yield any positive outcomes for his ambition to stage a comeback as fourth-term Prime Minister?



اسٹیٹ بینک کی جانب سے سینکڑوں اشیاء کی درآمدات پر پابندی ختم

اسٹیٹ بینک نے سینکڑوں اشیاء کی درآمد پر 100...

آئی ایم ایف نے معاشی مشکلات کے شکار لبنان کو کیا وارننگ دی ہے؟

بین الاقوامی مالیاتی فنڈز کے وفد نے اربوں ڈالر...

Imran Khan, Red Lines and the Goliath

Despite heavy odds, Imran Khan’s popularity refuses to wane

AMAN 23: Opportunities & Significance

Pakistan Navy has been conducting a multinational naval exercise AMAN since 2007. The 8th edition of this biennial event also features the first Pakistan Int’l Maritime Expo & Conference

The Dividends of Trust

Pakistan faces digital vulnerability and cybersecurity, rapid inflation, debt crisis, possible state collapse, interstate conflict and terrorism as top risks for the next 24 months

Indian Terrorism & Kashmiri Women

India resorting to rape as a weapon of war in occupied Kashmiri