Zeroing IN

America’s War on Books

Over the past several years, there has been a new surge in parents, activists and lawmakers demanding that certain books be removed from school curriculums.

Balochistan’s Terrorism Challenge

Balochistan’s political elite has failed to take the ownership of national narrative to counter propaganda by terrorists

Trading with the enemy

Adviser to the Prime Minister Abdul Razak Dawood’s statement on opening trade with India stands in conflict with Imran Khan’s position that there won’t be any normal relations with New Delhi until it scraps its Aug. 5, 2019 legislation on occupied Kashmir

Indian Press Under Siege

Since Modi’s ascent to power in India, journalists who question or oppose the BJP regime are being pressured, intimidated or incarcerated on a regular basis

Who’s Afraid of EVMs?

Why is the opposition opposing the use of electronic machines in the next elections?