The Future of the Fertilizer Sector in Pakistan

The use of slow-release fertilizers can help to reduce the amount of fertilizer that is lost to the environment. Additionally, the use of precision agriculture techniques is also being aimed to ensure that fertilizers are applied only where they are needed.

PDM Govt’s FY23 Economic Scorecard the Worst in Pakistan’s History

Critics say that no economic plan is likely to work until the country first puts an end to the political instability

Transforming Pakistan into a Market of the Future

Addressing Pakistan's economic challenges requires a multi-pronged approach. The first entails leveraging the potential sectors identified by the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report and rankings, ensuring resources are effectively deployed

Dar says rupee to bounce back, trading below its real value

There is a need to create an awareness that those who are hoarding dollars and other foreign currencies would eventually end up losing money

BIPL sale controversy, SHC orders ‘status-quo’

Transfer of the majority shares and management control to JS Group put on hold as one entity cannot own two banks under the Pakistani law