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China to not join sanctions against Russia

China will not be joining in sanctions by the West against Russia, the country’s banking and insurance regulator announced."As far as financial sanctions are...

Desperately Seeking Legitimacy

As the New Year dawns, a financially hamstrung Taliban regime struggles to both gain international legitimacy and the funds needed to survive. Will it succeed?


The course of US-Pakistan relations will be determined by some clear-cut policy options

Ganging up on China

Given the schism in France’s relationship with the US over the submarine issue, will the latter succeed in combining European and regional instruments to address the Chinese challenge?

Corridor of Peace

Pakistan and China are open to the idea of the Taliban-led Afghanistan joining themultibillion-dollar CPEC project

The Chinese Dream

This book comes at a time when one of the largest political parties of the world, the Communist Party of China (CCP) reaches an...

Should Pakistanis be concerned because of the Afghan Taliban takeover?

Defying all the odds, the Afghan Taliban have been able to roar back into Kabul without a fight. But concerns remain whether they will be able to bring stability and peace in Afghanistan, especially when they face a hostile international environment. What does the Taliban victory in Afghanistan mean for Pakistan?

Options for Pakistan

The writer is a former defence minister and defence secretary. He has held major command positions in the Pakistan Army.

US-China Rivalry: Impact on South Asia

US’s messy withdrawal from Afghanistan, the humiliating collapse of the US propped up Ghani Government and the Afghan National Army, and the subsequent spectacular capture of power by the Taliban has further strengthened China’s position in the region.

Freedom First, Foremost

Freedom is a tender plant; it needs nursing and constant vigilance.”  Today, the Independence Day message of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah from 1959 resonates louder...



2024: Election Year in Pakistan & More Than 50 Other Countries

KARACHI: 2024, dubbed as the biggest election year in...

Govt. says no plans to downsize FBR workforce

Restructuring of FBR is on the govt.'s agenda to...

Bangladesh’s Sheikh Hasina appears to win 4th straight elections

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazid is all set...

Afghan Repatriation & Transit Trade Standoff

The repatriation of Afghans faces a major hurdle, not...

Unlocking the Mission: Washington’s Wishlist for its Pakistan Envoy

The US mission in Pakistan has been mandated with...

SPAR6C: Powering Pakistan & the World for Climate Action, Green Growth

The program selects four countries -- Colombia, Pakistan, Thailand, and Zambia -- each at different stages of institutional capacity, climate change mitigation strategy development, and NDC progress tracking.

Israel’s Existential Anxiety & Quest for Peace

In the tumultuous landscape of the Middle East, the...

The Corporate Assault on Pakistan’s Small Dairies.

The dairy sector stands as a pivotal sub-sector within...

India Deploys Naval Officers for Espionage, Again

India has been exposed multiple times for its espionage activities...

Building a Trustworthy Media Entity in the Age of AI & Declining Confidence

The unprecedented speed and scale at which AI can...