No indication of anything other than an accident in missile incident: Ned Price


The US has said that it had no indication that the missile incident was “anything other than an accident”.

US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price made the remarks in response to a question on the missile incident.

“We have no indication, as you also heard from our Indian partners, that this incident was anything other than an accident. We refer you, of course, to the Indian Ministry of Defense for any follow-up. They issued a statement on March 9th to explain precisely what had happened,” he said.

In response to another question citing the uranium smuggling incident in India, Price said that he was not aware with that particular incident.

“What I would say is that nuclear safety around the world, especially in countries – nuclear-armed countries, it is always a conversation that is ongoing,” he added.

Earlier speaking in Rajya Sabha, Indian Defence Minister said that India was holding internal inquiries into the incident and assured the parliamentarians that the India’s arsenal was in safe hands.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has urged the United Nations to demand India to hold a joint investigation into the incident.

An Indian-origin supersonic flying object crashed in Mian Chunnu on March 9, a civilian property was damaged however no loss of life was reported.

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