Emerging Trouble at Gwadar


“Haq Do Tehrik”, led by Maulana Hidayat Ur Rehman , in my opinion is a movement with multiple motives and a conglomerate of few well meaning and innocent, some misguided, and may be several sold out individuals. So it must be dealt with care . Unidirectional dealing , labelling all of them collectively as anti state elements is a flawed approach.

Political Govts ( both Provincial and Federal ) must take the lead and ownership of squarely dealing with this rising menace , law enforcement agencies and institutions remaining in support .
As the problem is socio economic, political, as well as security related, thus has to be tackled at multiple levels accordingly .

Instead of first handing over the situation to police and then to other security forces , the Tehrik be engaged by the political leadership both at provincial and federal levels, keeping the security forces on call , in case of any intransigence exhibited by certain elements. Their legitimate demands should be met and apprehensions be alleviated.

This movement has the potential to threaten development of Gwader, is dangerous for CPEC and might discourage further Chinese investment in Pakistan . Foreign interests in precipitating the trouble for Pak China Friendship should not be discounted.

The leader of Tehrik might be looking at a larger political role in future and may emerge ,( abetted by foreign detractors ) as a permanent irritant for CPEC and Pak China Cooperation .

Lt. Gen. (R) Naeem Khalid Lodhi
Lt. Gen. (R) Naeem Khalid Lodhihttps://narratives.com.pk
The writer is a former defence minister and defence secretary. He has held major command positions in the Pakistan Army.

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