Dr Abid Qaiyum Suleri

The writer is Executive Director, Sustainable Development Policy Institute

Transforming Agriculture

The PTI government is taking the first step to exploit the agriculture sector’s true potential

Has the Economy turned around?

The release of a provisional GDP growth number of 3.94 per cent raises a number of questions

IMF’s Post-Covid Prescription

The IMF diagnoses the key challenges confronting Pakistan’s economy post-COVID-19 and offers a prescription, but the question is: will we take the required vaccine?

The Great Price Spiral

Can the government’s Minimum Support Price play an effective role in stabilising wheat prices?


The Real Populists of Pakistan

"In war, truth is the first casualty," wrote Aeschylus,...

Provocation that did not work

It seems that the US political and military thinkers and strategists now firmly believe in enticing and provoking China into a military conflict, before it overtakes America in the fields of economy

The New Great Game- A Pakistani Perspective

South Asia appears to be the next battleground where world powers will compete to seize the moment in a bid to lead the world; the New Great Game

Economic journey

When the Soviet Union collapsed it had enormous resources...