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WEF’s ‘Future of Jobs Report 2023’ unveils Pakistan’s landscape

ISLAMABAD: The World Economic Forum (WEF) has predicted that over the next five years 69 million new jobs would be created in Pakistan and...

‘Let’s Engage Afghan Taliban’

“Fence is not a permanent solution of a border, where people on both sides have a common culture, and religion and share socio-economic ties”

Manipulating the Market

As India’s Adani Group hits headlines for manipulating stock prices, ‘Narratives Research Desk’ probes a similar scandal here in which the JSCL resorted to similar tactics, fleecing foreign investors and shaking their confidence in Pakistan

Undermining Kashmir

Pakistan needs a firm stance on Kashmir

The Inflation Bomb

Pakistan’s economic woes have worsened under the stewardship of Ishaq Dar


2024: Election Year in Pakistan & More Than 50 Other Countries

KARACHI: 2024, dubbed as the biggest election year in...

Govt. says no plans to downsize FBR workforce

Restructuring of FBR is on the govt.'s agenda to...

Bangladesh’s Sheikh Hasina appears to win 4th straight elections

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazid is all set...

Afghan Repatriation & Transit Trade Standoff

The repatriation of Afghans faces a major hurdle, not...