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وائٹ کالر کرائم کی چشم کشا داستان اور ریاستی اداروں کی بے بسی

پاکستان میں پیسہ، طاقت اور سیاسی اثرورسوخ رکھنے والے افراد اگر وائٹ کالر جرائم کرتے بھی ہیں تو انہیں شاذ و نادر ہی سزا...

January 2023

Open Magazine 

White-Collar Crime Pays

The FIA drops money laundering inquiry against JS Group, its sponsors without sighting any reason

Books, Books Everywhere

136 local & 40 foreign publishers attends the 17th Karachi Book Fair

Religious Minorities & Pakistan

Murree Brewery chief executive highlights the role of religious minorities


Pak Army vows to punish those responsible for May 9 violence

Noose of law is also tightened around the planners and masterminds, who mounted the hate ripened and politically driven rebellion against the state and state institutions  

Political Transition: A Shift from Oligarchy to Plutocracy

The growing dominance of the wealthy in politics raises questions about Pakistan's commitment to democratic principles.

BIPL sale controversy, SHC orders ‘status-quo’

Transfer of the majority shares and management control to JS Group put on hold as one entity cannot own two banks under the Pakistani law

Shareholders demand SBP not to transfer BIPL shares to JS Bank

SHC Single Bench, which barred JS Group from acquiring another banking license, to hear the sale of BIPL to JS Bank case on Divisional Bench orders