Lt. Gen (R) Ghullam Mustafa

The writer is a prominent defence analyst. During his long military career, he served in a number of command positions.

Road to Nowhere

Until Kashmir is free, engagement with India, much less peace, will remain a non-starter

Distant Neighbours

It takes two to tango, but sometimes that can be a dance of death

Enemy at the Gates

Given the disturbing unravelling of events globally, it may be time to seriously startexamining even conspiracy theories

The Domino Effect

While many myths nurtured by India have imploded, its course of self-destruction continues as does the danger that it presents for the region, and the world

A Game of Thrones

There are wheels within wheels as the Great Game is played out


July 2022

Open Magazine

Farewell My Friend

Mentor, friend, family and man of many parts, Khalid Hameed Farooqi’s demise leaves the world a sadder place

To talk or continue fighting with TTP?

Peace is always a preferred option, but it only works if enforced from a position of strength, with ample verifiable guarantees and monitoring mechanisms to ensure prevention of intrigues and resurgence of any evil

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