Dr. Ashfaque H. Khan

The writer is a renowned economist, who served as an advisor to the Ministry of Finance & D.G of its Debt Office.Currently he is the Principal & Dean at the NUST School of Social Sciences.

Economic Crisis Worsens

Pakistan’s economy is passing through the most difficult phase of its history. Yet, if one looks at the numbers, Pakistan’s economy was doing reasonably...

Change the Medicine

It is high time to recognise that the IMF prescription exacerbates Pakistan’s economic woes

2021 — Living in Debt

The debt relief offered so far must go further to avert a sovereign debt crisis

Sold Down the River?

The IMF employs an outdated formula that hurts instead of helping economies at risk

Contentious Award

Cobbled together in haste, the 7th NFC Award creates a host of financial problems.


سونا پہلی بار دولاکھ فی تولہ کی حد عبور کر گیا

دو دن میں ڈالر کے مقابلے میں روپے کی...

The Technocrat Thought

“A nation which accepts to live a third-class life...

انٹربینک میں ڈالر کی دوسرے روز بھی فاتحانہ پیشقدمی، روپے کا بھرکس نکل گیا

انٹربینک میں ڈالر کے مقابلے میں روپے کی قدر...