Monthly Archives: December, 2021

Frenemies Forever

Rumours are rife that the US may be contemplating sanctions against Pakistan for its alleged support to the Taliban in the Afghan war

Reversal of Fortune

Once seen as a role model by South Korea, Pakistan lags far behind it in every sector

Rich Elite, Poor Country?

In spite of rampant poverty, many Pakistanis live the good life

Inexplicable and Unnecessary

Narratives asked three leading businessmen — Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, Asad Ali Shah and Shariq Vohra — to shed some light on the latest economic malaise.

The Limits of Autonomy

Unlimited autonomy for the SBP could damage the economy


Article 63-A: Confessions of a voter

Those were the day when Farooq Leghari was the...

Rich Pakistanis and Dubai

Pakistan may be a struggling, debt-ridden country, but rich...

Resuming trade with India to severely hurt Kashmir cause

Resuming trade with India may help some self-serving business...

The unconventional Baloch leader

Making space among conventional tribal leaders, Dr Abdul Malik...