Shabbar Zaidi

The writer is one of Pakistan’s best-known chartered accountants and a senior partner in A.F. Ferguson. He served as the 26th chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue

Living in Denial

It is high time to take a reality check and acknowledge our failures in the economic sphere

Rich Elite, Poor Country?

In spite of rampant poverty, many Pakistanis live the good life

Tackling Usury — Rationally

Interest and usury are socio-economic subjects and can be handled by the human intellect

Not Above the Law

The distinction between Asset Declaration Laws and Amnesty Schemes must be kept in mind in order to retain investor confidence.


The Real Populists of Pakistan

"In war, truth is the first casualty," wrote Aeschylus,...

Provocation that did not work

It seems that the US political and military thinkers and strategists now firmly believe in enticing and provoking China into a military conflict, before it overtakes America in the fields of economy

The New Great Game- A Pakistani Perspective

South Asia appears to be the next battleground where world powers will compete to seize the moment in a bid to lead the world; the New Great Game

Economic journey

When the Soviet Union collapsed it had enormous resources...