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Changing Course?

The PTI government may have to undertake major policy changes to cope with an impending crisis

The Mighty Challenge

Constituency politics and good governance are often at odds with cash other


The course of US-Pakistan relations will be determined by some clear-cut policy options

City in Ruins

Once regarded as the ‘Paris of Asia,’ Karachi has now joined the ranks of ‘the most unlivable cities of the world’

Is the rupee’s depreciation to record lows against the dollar justifiable?

The Pakistani rupee slumped to record lows against US currency by the end of September, despite growing foreign exchange reserves and increased economic activity. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) allowed the rapid rupee depreciation, unleashing uncertainty in the markets, hurting investment and business sentiment and increasing the country’s mountain of debt without any fresh borrowing. Is SBP’s inaction amidst the falling rupee the right policy?


Article 63-A: Confessions of a voter

Those were the day when Farooq Leghari was the...

Rich Pakistanis and Dubai

Pakistan may be a struggling, debt-ridden country, but rich...

Resuming trade with India to severely hurt Kashmir cause

Resuming trade with India may help some self-serving business...

The unconventional Baloch leader

Making space among conventional tribal leaders, Dr Abdul Malik...