Nargis Rahman

The writer is convener of Karachi Citizens’ Forum, which regularly highlights the mega-problems of the megacity. She is also the Chairperson of Pakistan Women’s Foundation for Peace.

City in Ruins

Once regarded as the ‘Paris of Asia,’ Karachi has now joined the ranks of ‘the most unlivable cities of the world’


A General Dilemma

The military leadership once again stands as the deciding force. Whatever steps the military leadership takes or does not take from now, will have a direct bearing on the future of Pakistan — good or bad. The ball is in their court

July 2022

Open Magazine

Farewell My Friend

Mentor, friend, family and man of many parts, Khalid Hameed Farooqi’s demise leaves the world a sadder place

To talk or continue fighting with TTP?

Peace is always a preferred option, but it only works if enforced from a position of strength, with ample verifiable guarantees and monitoring mechanisms to ensure prevention of intrigues and resurgence of any evil