US’ Costly Midterm Polls


After one of the most consequential, unpredictable and expensive midterm campaigns, Americans finally began voting in person today (Tuesday). The polls haven’t closed yet, and I’ll bring you the latest updates on the most consequential results tomorrow.

The stakes in this election are high. The outcome will determine the balance of power in Congress, state legislatures and governorships. It could also shape the future of representative democracy: Many Americans are choosing whether or not to vote for Republican candidates who deny the 2020 election results.

Democrats, energized by Donald Trump’s possible return, have counted on an abortion-rights fight to rouse the party’s liberal base. But Republicans are expected to make significant gains by tapping into frustration with persistent inflation and President Biden’s low approval ratings.

There are signs, too, that the U.S. could be headed once again for a battle over the mechanics of voting. In Florida, the secretary of state has blocked federal monitors from entering polling places, which could erode protections for minority and disabled voters. And in Arizona, the Republican candidate for governor, Kari Lake, has spread inaccurate claims about a hiccup with voting machines.

Ibrahim Sajid Malick
Ibrahim Sajid Malick
Editor, Narratives. Technologist, social entrepreneur & digital anthropologist.


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