An Appeal to CJP


Your Honour, Aslamalaikam, Respects,

The triangular tug of war is ruining our beloved Country. All the political and non-political parties involved in this standoff have utterly failed to fathom the extent of destruction that can be caused if the present course of events continue. They seem to be totally oblivious of the role that external powers are playing and can further play to bring an unimaginable outcome.

Nobody seems to feel that how fuel is being added to the fire by keeping the egos inflated, thus defying any reconciliation.

In the supreme national interest and the well-being of the People and in most pressing Public Interest, may we the people of Pakistan implore The Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan to take Suo Moto Action that will go in history as a great service to the country and its Constitution.
Alhough I am not in a position or a stature to provide any guidelines, following points may be considered.

  1. Summo/Invite Imran Khan, the Prime Minister, and the Chief of the Army Staff and make them sit in your chamber, and ask them to arrive at a consensus solution, only then they may leave.
  2. Imran Khan be told that appointment of the Army Chief cannot be his choice and selection will be done as given in the Constitution.
  3. PM be asked for the sake of peace and political stability to announce the date of elections immediately after the next COAS is appointed.
  4. SC, EC and Armed Forces to ensure fair, transparent and peaceful elections.
    All in the chamber should sign the agreement with the Honourable Judges of the SC as guarantors. All marches, political gatherings etc be postponed and let the people take a sigh of relief.

Me Lord you and your fellow judges shall be remembered in history as saviours of Pakistan in preventing a big impending catastrophe.

Lt. Gen. (R) Naeem Khalid Lodhi
Lt. Gen. (R) Naeem Khalid Lodhi
The writer is a former defence minister and defence secretary. He has held major command positions in the Pakistan Army.

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