Are we your slaves, PM Imran asks EU


Prime Minister Imran Khan made headlines on Sunday for calling out European Union for their double standards to pressurize Pakistan to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

In a rare public joint statement released on March 1, heads of 22 diplomatic missions, including those of European Union member states urged Pakistan to support a resolution in the United Nations General Assembly condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

In a fiery speech at a political rally, Prime Minister Imran Khan lashed out saying if the West thought Pakistan was their slave.

“What do you think of us? Are we your slaves … that whatever you say, we will do?”

He went on to question whether a similar letter was sent to India who like Pakistan had also abstained from condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine and did not take part in voting for the resolution against Moscow in UNGA.

“It was Pakistan that supported NATO in the war on terror,” he stressed adding that it was due to this war that Pakistan lost 80,000 precious lives, 3.5 million people in the tribal areas were displaced while the country had suffered an economic loss of $100 billion dollars.

The prime minister said that instead of acknowledging such huge sacrifices, certain countries in Europe blamed Pakistan for their failures in Afghanistan.

Speaking about Kashmir, the premier said that India had brazenly violated UNSC resolutions: “Whether they have criticized or severed ties with India or stopped trade?” the prime minister questioned.

“About 400 drone attacks were recorded during 2008 to 2018. It has never happened that a country fighting for another’s war had been targeted,” he added.

The premier reiterated that Pakistan did not want strained relations with any country.

“We desire good ties with all countries including Russia, the US and China and will not become a part of any camp,” he maintained.

The prime minister said Pakistan would endeavour to stop war in Ukraine and would support such efforts as its impacts were resulting in the economic woes across the world, with prices of gas and petroleum spiraling.

“Pakistan will not be a partner in any war, but will support all efforts for peace,” he emphasised.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tough stance against the West has garnered a lot of support from the people who have taken to social media to hail the premier’s speech.

While Imran was praised for his statement, there were many who went on to criticize the premier.

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