Monthly Archives: May, 2021

A Unilateral Flexibility

Any resumption of formal talks in the current situation would be used by India to legitimise its illegal steps in Kashmir and weaken, divide and confuse the freedom movement

‘Stay the Course’

‘Any unilateral concession on Kashmir will imperil Pakistan’s own national security...’

A Second Green Revolution

Pakistan needs to double its agricultural output to meet the growing demand

Colonising Kashmir

The abrogation of Kashmir’s special status by the Modi government was meant to change its demography and erase its cultural markings

Paradise Lost

The mistrust between India and Pakistan is so deep that bilateralism will never work. It has failed to yield results in the past and it is puerile to think that the future will be any different


Article 63-A: Confessions of a voter

Those were the day when Farooq Leghari was the...

Rich Pakistanis and Dubai

Pakistan may be a struggling, debt-ridden country, but rich...

Resuming trade with India to severely hurt Kashmir cause

Resuming trade with India may help some self-serving business...

The unconventional Baloch leader

Making space among conventional tribal leaders, Dr Abdul Malik...