Monthly Archives: February, 2021

The ‘Maa’ of Lyari

With her path-breaking efforts to provide quality education and more to the children of Lyari and their parents, Sabina Khatri is viewed as a mother figure in this depressed, crime-infested, poverty-ridden slum of Karachi

Comment: Whither PDM?

Three major political parties along with some minor parties coalesced together to form an alliance. They roped in some other small parties into their alliance and launched the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

Prosecution in the Dock

A weak and flawed investigation and prosecution in the Daniel Pearl Murder case allows Omar Saeed Sheikh and his three accomplices to get away scot free

Brave New World

Narrative platforms emerge for new media as traditional broadcasting witnesses a decline

Price of the Deal

“Broadsheet proves the furore over the Panama Scandal was justified”


Article 63-A: Confessions of a voter

Those were the day when Farooq Leghari was the...

Rich Pakistanis and Dubai

Pakistan may be a struggling, debt-ridden country, but rich...

Resuming trade with India to severely hurt Kashmir cause

Resuming trade with India may help some self-serving business...

The unconventional Baloch leader

Making space among conventional tribal leaders, Dr Abdul Malik...