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‘Pakistan is now well set for a major digital evolution’

Governor State Bank of Pakistan Reza Baqir has stated that with major digital enablers and fundamental components of a digital economy in place, Pakistan...

Rising coal prices hit Pakistan’s cement industry

The continuous rising prices of coal— mainly caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict — has started taking a toll on the cement industry in Pakistan...

Pakistan signs debt suspension agreement with Saudi fund

Pakistan signed two Debt Service Suspension Agreements with the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) amounting to $846 million under the G-20 Debt Service Suspension...

Cement despatches decline by 4.75 percent in Feb

Total cement despatches during February 2022 were 4.36 million tons against 4.57 million tons despatched during the same month of last fiscal year—a 4.75...

OCAC demands removal of new levy to avoid oil shortage 

Price differential claim likely to impact industries cashflow which will lead to catastrophic disruption in the POL supply chain of the country

Ukraine crisis may lead to instability in Middle East

Current tensions adding a risk premium to prices

Quality Vs. Quantity

Are we going to miss the train of industrial revolution again?

Time for Value-Added Exports

“Next year we will lower our debt. I do not see a problem there, but it may come back to haunt us, if we do not boost our foreign exchange earnings”

Business Bonanza

The PTI government may not have made a giant leap forward in sorting out the economy, but it has taken several unarguable steps in that direction

Changing Course

Reversing the stabilisation effort of the last two years, the PTI’s new budget guns for growth



اسٹیٹ بینک کی جانب سے سینکڑوں اشیاء کی درآمدات پر پابندی ختم

اسٹیٹ بینک نے سینکڑوں اشیاء کی درآمد پر 100...

آئی ایم ایف نے معاشی مشکلات کے شکار لبنان کو کیا وارننگ دی ہے؟

بین الاقوامی مالیاتی فنڈز کے وفد نے اربوں ڈالر...

Imran Khan, Red Lines and the Goliath

Despite heavy odds, Imran Khan’s popularity refuses to wane

AMAN 23: Opportunities & Significance

Pakistan Navy has been conducting a multinational naval exercise AMAN since 2007. The 8th edition of this biennial event also features the first Pakistan Int’l Maritime Expo & Conference

The Dividends of Trust

Pakistan faces digital vulnerability and cybersecurity, rapid inflation, debt crisis, possible state collapse, interstate conflict and terrorism as top risks for the next 24 months

Indian Terrorism & Kashmiri Women

India resorting to rape as a weapon of war in occupied Kashmiri