Exports increase 33% to Rs4.019 trillion in three quarters


The exports of the country in rupee term witnessed an increase of 33.09 per cent during the first three quarters of the current fiscal year as compared to the corresponding period of last year, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported.

According to PBS provisional figures, the exports during July-March (2021-22) were recorded at Rs4,019,637 million as compared to the exports of Rs3,020,244 million during July- March 2020-21.

Meanwhile, on year-on-year basis, the exports of the country increased by 35.45 percent in March 2022 as compared to the exports of March 2021. The exports during March 2022 were recorded at Rs499,724 million against the exports of Rs368,925 million during March 2021.

On month-on-months basis, the exports increased by 0.49 percent in March 2022 as compared to the exports of Rs497,273 million in February 2022.

The main commodities of exports during March, 2022 were knitwear (Rs. 76,350 million), readymade garments (Rs. 61,937 million), bed wear (Rs. 46,869 million), cotton cloth (Rs. 37,732 million), rice others (Rs.33,981 million), towels (Rs.18,483 million), cotton yarn (Rs.16,594 million), madeup articles, excluding towels & Bedwear (Rs.12,669 million), rice Basmati (Rs.11,463 million) and petroleum products (Rs.8,148 million).

On the other hand, imports during July–March, 2021- 2022 totaled Rs10,120,638 million as against Rs. 6,376,138 million during the corresponding period of last year showing an increase of 58.73 percent.

Likewise, imports into Pakistan during March, 2022 amounted to Rs. 1,154,120 million as against Rs. 1,027,152 million in February, 2022 and Rs. 878,602 million during March, 2021 showing an increase of 12.36% over February, 2021 and of 31.36% over March, 2021.

The main commodities of imports during March, 2022 were petroleum products (Rs. 185.419 million), petroleum crude (Rs.95,202 million), plastic materials (Rs. 59,200 million), palm oil (Rs. 52,183 million), Natural Gas Liquified (Rs. 43,155 million), iron & steel (Rs.38,160 million), iron & steel scrap (Rs.35,736 million), mobile phone (Rs.33,031 million), electrical machinery (Rs.30,890 million) and motor cars, CKD/SKD (Rs.30,352 million).

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