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Iqbal Saleh Muhammad | Your Say from Narratives Magazine

Genuinely impressed

I am genuinely impressed with Narratives. Everything about it is above expectation. The articles are varied which means that the editorial vision is not lopsided and doesn’t seem to promote a particular idea or philosophy. A really great effort worth appreciating and supporting. It is my sincere wish and desire that Narratives continues its long journey with the first step so bravely taken by those who have contributed in making it a wonderful and indispensable reality. Heartiest Congratulations!
Mr Iqbal Saleh Muhammad | Managing Director, Paramount Books

dr huma baqai | Your Say from Narratives Magazine

A great addition

Narratives is a great addition to serious intellectual discourse on issues that matter and are of interest to both the public and policy makers. The authorship is impressive and diverse, making Narratives representative of Pakistan. In times when print media endeavours are difficult to take up and sustain, it’s a breath of fresh air. The diverse topics covered and the in-depth analysis therein gets one hooked. We usually say you can’t have your cake and eat it too; Narratives discounts that. It is both an intellectual and a visual treat. The layout is very captivating and artistic. To top that, it is very fairly priced, and is actually value for money. I congratulate the Editor and the team for putting together serious discourse in such an interesting fashion. I, for one, am addicted to it.
Dr Huma Baqai | Associate Dean (Faculty of Business Administration) & Associate Professor, IBA, Karachi.

Ihtasham ul Haque | Your Say from Narratives Magazine

A breath of fresh air

In the 21st century, proliferation of trivial news, unsubstantiated analysis and frivolous commentary has choked and saturated the information landscape. Electronic and print media are continuously vying for credibility and yet most media houses are failing to achieve even a half decent measure of authenticity. It would not be unfair to say that this frivolous competition to ‘break’ the news first has seriously impacted the quality of content and by extension damaged the repute of the once noble craft of journalism. The deficit of credibility is indeed monumental. In such a polluted information environment, Narratives clearly stands out for unerring reports and ‘sharp as a scalpel’ analytical input. The content of the magazine is indeed the reflection of its team’s professional ethic and work philosophy; truthful, hard-hitting and creative. A breath of fresh air, Narratives meets all my expectations of calibre and authenticity. I wish the Narratives’ team the best of luck. This venture is sure to create waves. God Speed.
Ihtasham ul Haque | Senior journalist & analyst, Former Director News SAMAA

Shaheen Sehbai | Your Say from Narratives Magazine

A professional effort

Narratives is a professional effort to assert the power of the print media in this crazy world of TV talkathons that leave everyone confused and angry.
Shaheen Sehbai | Senior journalist & analyst, Former Group Editor, The News

Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig | Your Say from Narratives Magazine

Quality content

This publication is certainly a good edition with quality content and graphics. The articles are on diverse topics covering politics, diplomacy, media, economics, defence, capital markets, Kashmir and the post COVID-19 situation, with in-depth analysis by credible writers. I wish Narratives all the best.
Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig | Chairman Baig Group and former SVP FPCCI 

Mujahid Barelvi | Your Say from Narratives Magazine

A good omen

At a time when both the print and electronic media are in crisis, the launch of Narratives is a good omen. We have seen both deterioration in the content, as well as the revenue stream for print, that has mostly gone to new media. But I feel that the power of the written word is greater than the spoken word. There is always room for good books and monthly magazines. Narratives is a good initiative and I wish the best of luck to its team.
Mujahid Barelvi | Senior journalist & author

Atiqa | Your Say from Narratives Magazine

Ethical journalism needed

Having no political agenda and always speaking up for the truth is what real journalism is about. Narratives is impressive. I feel this is the right time for a publication of its nature to be launched. Clean and ethical journalism is what growing nations build their strength on. The value of freedom of speech can never be underestimated as if we lose our true voice, what would become of us as a nation? I wish the Narratives’ team all the best in their efforts to seek and share the truth
Attiqa Odho | Senior actor, producer & director

Jaipal Chhabria | Your Say from Narratives Magazine

Filling the gap

I read Narratives’ October issue, which looks like an international standard publication. From the content and design to paper – I found it all very impressive. Narratives has filled the gap of a couple of other monthly magazines, which have recently closed down. Most articles were worth reading, especially the ones on Kashmir policy, the curriculum controversy and the ‘New Avatar.’ I would like to congratulate Narratives’ editor and his entire team for bringing out such a fine magazine.
Dr. Jaipal Chhabria  | President , Pakistan Hindu Forum

Amir Jahangir | Your Say from Narratives Magazine

A different approach

It is so heartening to see a publication that gives you information in a holistic way. In the time of information overload, Narratives gives precise, crisp and in-depth analysis and comment. Narratives also gives a different approach in terms of getting perspectives from opinion leaders. Something that I would like to see is the issues that matter from a younger generation’s vantage point. 
However, I am happy to see Narratives giving unbiased analysis on issues that matter both at personal and national levels.

Amir Jahangir | CEO, Rinstra Technologies (Pvt.) Limited

Dr Nadeem | Your Say from Narratives Magazine

More coverage for the arts

Not just the content, but the look and feel of Narratives is impressive. A star-studded list of writers and big names make it a heavyweight publication from its very first issue. The good thing is that besides politics and economy, it has dedicated segments on education and health. However, the magazine should also give space to arts, film, drama and culture. I am certain that Narratives will make a difference on this front also. I wish Narratives and its team the best of luck.  

Dr. Nadeem Rizvi | Former Head of Department, Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center

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