We have failed Kashmir, Palestine: PM Imran Khan


Prime Minister Imran Khan urging the Muslim countries to do more, said that the OIC had failed the people of Kashmir and Palestine.

“Given our divisions, the oppressors do not take us seriously,” he said.

He said India and Israel knew and exploited the disunity between the Muslim countries.

“We need to have a united front to counter challenges faced by Muslim Ummah,” the premier said in his keynote address to the OIC conference taking place in Islamabad.


He further said Muslim countries should not drag themselves into bloc politics and rather show their power for bringing peace in the world.

The premier regretted that the Muslim Ummah has failed to make any impact for the resolution of Kashmir and Palestine disputes.

He pointed out that regardless of our huge population bulge of 1.5 billion, Muslims have not been able to stop the blatant injustices against Kashmiris and Palestinians.

Imran Khan said the UN resolutions back the right of self-determination of Kashmiri and Palestinian people.

He said the international community promised the Kashmiris to decide their future, regretting that the special status was also taken away illegally by India on August 5, 2019. 

“India is also changing the demographic structure of the occupied territory in complete contravention of the fourth Geneva Convention,” he underscored.

Regarding Afghanistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan said a stable Afghan government is the only way to stop international terrorism emanate from their soil. He urged the international community to help the Afghan people and not abandon them in this hour of need.

The premier suggested OIC play its role to stop conflict in Ukraine. He said the OIC, China and all the non-partisan countries should use their influence to resolve the crisis.

Imran also congratulated the OIC members on UN’s decision to observe March 15 as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia.


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