IBA under fire for its LGBTQ event


The administration of the Institute of Business Administration is under fire for organising a ‘homosexual’ dance party, videos of which have been widely circulating on social media.

The videos show scantily dressed students dancing inside the institute’s premises in Karachi University.

The party being portrayed as an LGBTQ event has been criticised by the faculty, students and alumni alike.

The staff and alumni in response to the videos have sent a number of emails to the IBA administration – condemning the party and stating that they want strict action taken on the issue. One email states: “Recent actions by students are not only violating cultural and religious values, but they are also a violation of our national laws. Even Western universities do not allow the use of alcohol and drugs on the university buses or in the classrooms.”

This is not the first time the IBA administration has been bashed for its evolving policies. There have been growing concerns over non-compliance of university dress code, and frequent indecent acts ever since the Dr Akbar Zaidi has been at the helm of affairs.

The administration has, however, turned a blind eye to all such complaints.

An email sent to the administration by a concerned faculty member reads: “We have serious concerns about the issue of public displays of affection (PDA) at the IBA. There is a big difference between the past and present IBA in terms of student ethics and the behaviour is extremely confusing. Alumni and the industry are experiencing this negative change. All of this is destroying the IBA’s identity and the IBA will have to pay the price for this silence.”

The management has already taken notice of the issue and the highlighted case is with the Student Conduct Committee for its consideration and action.


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