Comment: PDM’s Summit Debacle

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Aziz Ahmed
Senior Journalist and Political Analyst

Somebody had to call out Nawaz Sharif as the guardian leader for the ‘ideological’ democratic revolution while enjoying the luxury of Avenfield Apartments in London. “Come back and join up with your people” Zardari harangued him, while Maulana Fazlur Rahman walked out on everyone publicly!
The sorry tale of her father being sick was displayed yet again by poor Maryam! The pandemic came after he was the only person in the world to be stuck with a mysterious ‘platelets’ disease. We have found a vaccine for coronavirus, but Mian Sahib’s illness still seems to have no treatment.
Nawaz Sharif has not made a single visit to hospital in London for his treatment in over 16 months and he is still critically sick! ‘Enough of this sham melodrama’ Zardari tells him. He reminded Mian Sahab that he served over 13 years in jail, including those long periods while Nawaz was in power.
Apparently Zardari had the last laugh and stood vindicated as PPP’s popular slogan says “Democracy is the best revenge.”
Maryam and all her hangers-on should get prepared to prove their steadfastness to Nawaz’s “ideology” for whatever it is worth, while Shahbaz, Hamza, and others, in more pragmatic manner, attempt to steady the PMLN’s ship. Although Nawaz Sharif’s return to Pakistan appears improbable, there is a growing political pressure on him to return and face cases and serve out the remaining nine years of his 10 years’ sentence; other cases will also be pursued with a sense of urgency if he returns.
Against the backdrop of Sharif family’s troubles, the PPP is likely to get some political space to reorganise and again find some footing in the electoral politics of Punjab ahead of 2023 general elections
It seems that there is going to be a paradigm shift in the country’s politics with the fulcrum moving from one end to the other. The day after the Summit debacle, there is a noticeable change in Islamabad’s weather. A thaw seems to be emerging in the relationship between the PTI and the PPP. A working relationship seems to be in the offing with the position of the Leader of the Opposition being given to PPP. Thereafter, some necessary legislative work will be accomplished in consultation.
Karachi may finally see some improvement with both parties working together rather than against each other.
What triggered this shift was reportedly a leaked recording of a video-linked meeting between Lahore and London in which the PML-N leadership was openly discussing how they had successfully managed events in their favour and that their plans were moving forward.
When Zardari saw that footage, he decided to belligerently confront Nawaz and the rest will go down in history now.
The Maulana – who has been under pressure since the 2018 elections and trying to win a position of vantage – is now faced with the trouble of surviving politically. The JUI-F Balochistan chapter has already rebelled and is out of his control. In the KP, too, some prominent members of his party are no longer committed to him and his style of politics. On top of it all, the NAB is finally ready to gun for him and his bargaining power is now at its lowest ebb. But the Maulana is also known for his adroitness in changing positions to suit his personal requirements.
The game goes on with the public turning more and more bemused. But, at least, this time around, they are witnessing some moments where once untouchable political actors are moving around with dismay and discomfort, which could give some solace and comfort to our proverbial common man as nothing else seems to be cheering them on…

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